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Chelsfield - 30th April 2005

Chelsfield Village Hall 

All photographs: Julius Bannister

We were looking forward to this gig since we had already experienced the venue at my 40th Birthday Party in March 2004. The inaugural Chelsfield Village Festival needed some rock’n’roll in our opinion so we undemocratically offered our services.

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There was great interest in the gig in the local area especially as two members of the band are current and past residents of Chelsfield, thereby guaranteeing an inquisitive audience! At this point we would like to thank The Chelsfield Players for lending us their lighting for the evening, Julius Bannister for acting as box office, Doug ‘Yogi’ Parkes for his help with the raffle and on the door and Anne Mead for promoting the event and rushing around ensuring everything was done. In addition DUPE would like to thank Alan Pride who produced a superb vinyl backdrop bearing the band logo in huge letters, this display seeing the light of day for the first time at the Hall.

Anyway, the crowds began to assemble in the warm evening sunshine outside the Hall from about 7:15 pm and by the time we hit the stage, over eighty people had packed the small venue. Admittedly, laying out rows of chairs down each side of the Hall may have been a mistake as soon they were all occupied, lending the event a particularly un-rock’n’roll feel. We needn’t have worried: having completed our first couple of numbers, the Rockestra theme by Wings and The Beatles’ Lady Madonna, wild applause and cheering promised a rather special night.

The room was hot and the one-and-a-half hour set we had embarked on became quite sweaty. There were a number of songs we had not played before live including Georgia on My Mind which sounded great from on stage, and Once Bitten Twice Shy which I think it’s fair to say we got away with - just!

Time flew and soon we were on to the Beatles section at the end of the set which culminated with Helen Griffiths joining the band on electric cello to perform Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End from the Abbey Road album. DUPE would like to thank Helen for her playing which really augmented the sound on this number, and already members of the audience have suggested other songs where the addition of a cello would enhance the sound - watch this space.

We left the stage to fantastic applause and stamping of feet. Fearing the structural integrity of the Hall might be compromised by such brutality we returned for a single encore comprising Deep Purple’s Black Night and Paul McCartney’s singalong classic: Hey Jude. As ever the audience sang the na-na bit with great gusto and a very hot but happy DUPE left the stage at 9:35 pm - pretty much when we hoped to finish.

Many thanks to everyone who came along and helped to raise over 500 quid for the Chelsfield Village Festival - a superb effort and a night we won’t forget in a hurry.

© Dave Griffiths - May 2005