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Welcome Inn gig cancelled!

We are sorry to have announce that tonight's gig (Saturday 8th August) at the Welcome Inn in Thornton Heath has had to be cancelled at the last minute due to band illness.  We will definitely reschedule for a future date and apologise to anyone who was looking forward to it, other than us, that is!

Don't worry, Welcome Inn, we're comin'


Cover Versions - the back story

WE ARE OFTEN asked how we work out the cover versions we play, given that we try to make them as true to the originals as we possibly can.  Do we do it from sheet music?  Certainly not!

DUPE have a policy of veto when it comes to cover versions - if one of us doesn't like a song, or does not enjoy playing it, it goes.  What normally happens is this:


Lord Napier Gig

Thanks to those of you who supported us at the Lord Napier in Thornton Heath last night.  This renowned jazz pub has a stage at one end and we just managed to fit on it; Brian's amplifier was on a bit which appeared to be held up by prayer and sprang around a bit but no one was killed!

The pub is very long and the chimney breast which divides the stage area from the bar clearly used to be the dividing line between two separate bars.  The mirror on this chimney breast was a but offputting for Pete and Brian who were playing to their own reflections (an act which is illegal in certain middle-eastern countries!).

We tried out the three new songs: Just the Way You Are, Cindy Incidentally and No More Heroes, and they all went well - we're looking forward to bringing them to the Five Bells.  The audience whilst largely in the other bar (near the beer!) were enthusiastic and managed to emulate the usual rapturous reaction we EXPECT these days!

We will be back in the Lord Napier at Christmas we hope, so keep checking back for dates.


DUPE launch new website!

DUPE are delighted to welcome you to the new website. The advantage of this new website is that any member of the band can update it on-line which, for you lot, means that gig updates should be far more frequent.

Most of the previous material is still here so have a trawl around. There will be more Gallery photo albums appearing soon and if you go to the Song Downloads page, you can listen to bootleg recordings made at St Martins during our Concert for the Bells in May. We may well post others in the future, but at the moment you can download I'm Mandy, Fly Me and Hey Jude (complete with bells!).

Enjoy browsing, and why not leave a message for us, telling us what you think. Oh, and do move your mouse over the image on the Home page and watch what happens - it's bloody clever, though we say ourselves - little things etc.!


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