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Gig Reviews

Concert for the Bells

St Martin-of-Tours - 31st May 2008

Dave Griffiths remembers an amazing night

Photos Dave Griffiths and Bob Pruden

It was back at the beginning of the year when I was approached by Bob Pruden, Tower Captain of the St Martin-of-Tours bellringers with regard to DUPE performing a fund-raising gig for their ‘Bell Augmentation Fund’. St Martin’s is a lovely old Kentish church and I quite liked the perversity of a rock band raising money for something as old-fashioned and quintessentially English as church bells.  Another influencing factor was the fact that Bob and I went to secondary school together - I’ve known him since 1969!  The rest of DUPE saw no reason why not, in principle, so Bob and I began working on the details.


20th Anniversary - 18th November 2005

Chelsfield Village Hall 

Photos: Phil Lane 

There was only ever one way of celebrating 20 years since we first hit the stage and that was an Anniversary gig. Following on from our extremely successful Chelsfield Festival performance back in May, we decided that the facilities provided by Chelsfield Village Hall would suit our purposes perfectly so the venue was decided. The date of the first gig was the 18th November 1985 which was a Monday and typified the awful gigs a young band has to do when they start out. 18th November 2005 happened to be a far more civilised Friday night - a perfect night for perforating a few eardrums!


Chelsfield - 30th April 2005

Chelsfield Village Hall 

All photographs: Julius Bannister

We were looking forward to this gig since we had already experienced the venue at my 40th Birthday Party in March 2004. The inaugural Chelsfield Village Festival needed some rock’n’roll in our opinion so we undemocratically offered our services.


Maidstone - 25th February 2005

The Flower Pot

The Flower Pot is a small pub on the eastern end of Maidstone and for those with an architectural eye, it has superb wood panelling at the higher end of the bar. However, such observations are dreadfully un-rock’n’roll, especially as we played at the other end, by the dart board.

Having not played live since early March 2004 (my 40th Birthday), the first couple of songs, Got to Get You Into my Life and Big Hunk of Love were a little nervous as we got used to the sound of the band again. A touch of feedback in the first number was set upon by our Behringer Feedback Destroyer - a box of tricks which should be a must in every band’s inventory. All you do is crank the PA volume to way over the level you need it and this natty device isolates all the nasty frequencies and damps any feedback. During the rest of the gig it just hunts around for one-off howls and deals with them - it’s the fifth member of DUPE in many ways!