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Mrs T Visits Lewisham

Date: 10th October 1986

Venue: Lewisham Labour Club

I’ve no idea how we came to be playing at Lewisham Labour Club, but I do remember certain elements of the event well.  Nearly twenty years have dimmed the old memory, but I seem to recall that we played a truly appalling funk song I had written for the first time in front of an audience and it was dropped from the set as rapidly as it had arrived.  During that era, my fellow band members were remarkably polite about my songwriting efforts, humouring me as another overblown piece of indulgence tortured our poor audience nearly as much as it did them.


In The Money!

Date: 11th May 2000

Venue: Bournemouth

The most lucrative gig we ever played as Official Secrets was at a hotel in Bournemouth. At the time, Rob Childs worked for British Telecom and one of his colleagues who had been to see us play on a few occasions was tasked with providing entertainment on a corporate weekend to be held down in Dorset.  Hinting that BT would expect to pay a fair whack for a band, we quoted what we thought was a fair whack. Actually we quoted what we thought was a mad amount but they accepted. So good was the fee that we decided that we could afford to stay in a cheap hotel over the road from the venue to avoid us having to drive back after the gig.